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The Bikini Zone for Hair Removal Cremes and Gels

If you are looking for one stop shopping for all your bikini line hair removal needs, then checking out the Bikini Zone may be your best answer. This company not only makes cremes and wax strips, but for those women who prefer to shave, they have shaving gels with an anti-irritation factor to make shaving less of a discomfort. These products give women more of a choice. For those women who prefer to wax, there are now products that can be used at home. Their products allow the wax to be microwaved and then applied to the areas that need the hair removed. The strip is laid on top of the hair and then pulled off. This product is strong enough to rip the hair out but gentle enough to be used even on sensitive skin. It is scented in peach mango and has both vitamin E and chamomile to both soothe the skin and to ease any irritation that may occur.

Not all women want to wax away the hair. For those who prefer other means, the Bikini Zone has other products that can be used. These include a hair remover kit that claims to be able to not only give a women a clean bikini line but it can also prevent those tiny bumps that are left after the hair removal process. This fast working crËme can remove the hair in only four minutes. This product also contains the chamomile and aloe to protect the sensitive skin. None of these hair removal products are very expensive and all of them are good for more than one treatment.

The Bikini Zone also offers three different types of shaving gels for those women who prefer to take this route to hair removal. One formula is made for anti-bumps, another for ultra moisturizing and the last one is for sensitive skin. These gels use a combination of vitamins along with emollients that not only make the razor move effortlessly on the skin but also have the advantage of being clear and so permit a woman to see more clearly what she wants to shave.