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Which Method of Depilatory Is Right For Me?

DepilatoriesDepending on factors such as ease of use, skin irritation, and the amount of hair to remove, different types of depilatory methods may be more appropriate. Here are some suggestions of which methods will help you achieve the desired result.

For simple hair removal that involves completely clearing of a section of the skin, many men and women rely on the simple depilatory approach known as shaving. Accomplished with a simple razor and some sort of moisturizing medium, shaving is often part of the daily grooming routine for men, with facial hair that grew in overnight removed from the face as part of the morning preparations for the day. Women tend to use shaving as a means of removing unwanted hair from the legs and arms. For both men and women, shaving often occurs after a tub bath or shower, when the hair follicles are thought to be a little softer and thus easier to sever with the use of the razor and the shaving cream or lotion.

Depilatory creamWhile shaving works very well for many people of both genders, there is some element of risk to damage to the surface of the skin. It is possible to accidentally cut the skin while shaving, which may be somewhat distressing. However, the real problem lies more with skin irritation. The composition of the skin may be such that moving a sharp object over the surface causes irritation that results in a rash or red spots that are considered to be unsightly. Fortunately, there are other depilatory options that make it unnecessary for an individual to endure irritated skin if shaving proves to be a painful process.

Depilatory creams can be applied to the skin as a means of softening the hair follicles until they break off at the surface of the skin. Spreading the cream in an even coat and leaving it on the skin will allow the compound to soak into the hair follicle and break down the protein content. The cream and the unwanted hair can simply be wiped off with a soft damp cloth.

There are different compounds for depilatory creams. Some are based on synthetic medications while others creams are created using herbal agents. For people who have a difficult time with shaving, depilatory creams are often a much more attractive option. Even if irritation does occur, it may be much less than shaving. Also, trying different types of depilatory creams will often make it possible to find a product that causes no irritation at all.

Of course, the type of hair removal that is desired will come into play when it comes to deciding on a depilatory method. Total hair removal from an area can be managed with depilatory creams. However, if there is a desire to shape or contour the range of body hair in some manner, using trimming scissors or a razor will make it much easier to control the mount of hair removal that is employed.

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