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Hair Off Products For Hair Removal

Hair Off is a line of hair removal products that women can use to get rid of unwanted hair from anywhere on their bodies including their faces, legs, underarms and eyebrows. When removing hair from your face, you may use one of several of their products. Their Facial Buffer is an odorless and painless way to removal facial hair. With this system, you may buff away facial hair in a gentle and quick method. It works so well that it seems to make the hair grow back slower and keep the skin smoother for a longer period. They also have a creme that can be used to remove hair from anywhere on a womanís face. This creme is made with chamomile, vitamin e, and aloe to promote a healthy formula which will not cause irritation of the skin. Facial wax strips are also available under this brand name. They are made especially for sensitive skin and come in two sizes. One size is for the lip and eyebrows with the second being used for the chin and cheeks.

The Hair Off line has products aimed solely at the removal of hair from a womanís leg. One of their most interesting products is a hair removal mitten which makes for an easier less messy way to remove leg hair. At the same time, as removing the unwanted hair this mitten also smoothes the skin and removes any dry flakes. This easy and fast to use mitten comes in a cucumber melon scent with a little added aloe to help the skin.

The last group of products that Hair Off has is aimed at removing and shaping a womanís eyebrows. One product is an instant eyebrow shaper that shapes faster and easier with less mistakes being made by shaping wrong. This product is placed under or over the eyebrow, depending on what part you are shaping. The strip then pressed down to make sure it attaches properly. Then it is peeled off taking with it the unwanted hair. It works so good that it removes not only the hairs a woman works so hard on, the long thick ones, but the tiny fine hairs that are so hard to see.