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Nair Hair Remover

Should I buy a Nair hair removal product?

Nair Hair RemoverFor removing unwanted hair, Nair has the product that is just right for you and your body. Nair prodcuts for hair removal include: legs, bikini area, face, and your underarm.

Nair product line includes: Lotions, bladeless, roll on wax, roll on lotion, face wax strips, bocy wax strips, bleach, mousse, microwave wax, bikini cream, glide on bikini cream, face cream, and upper lip cream.

Just remember that your skin may become irritated if you leave on Nair cream or gel past the recommended time. Use the appropiate Nair product on the area for which the Nair product is designed for.

Nair product reviews and links:
Here is an excellent article written on Nair, “Nair Hair Remover, Does This Product Really Work?” The article covers a description of the Nair hair remover, it’s product claims and how to use Nair. The rest of the article is about the users experience, which seems very positive. Read the whole article here.

Nair Hair RemovalOn the flipside, Oasis Magazine has a article about “Nair: Hair removal cream from HELL.” The user in this case had an allergic reaction to the Nair cream applied to her face. Click here for the article. The lesson here is to try the cream on a small spot first to see if your allergic reaction or chemical burn to your skin. Your skin might be to sensitive for the Nair product or you might not be using the right Nair product with the correct body part.