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Sally Hansen Hair Removal System

Sally Hansen products can be found at any drug store as well as big box retailers. The Sally Hansen line of hair removing products include two types:

1) lotion and creams for hair removal

One of Sally Hansen’s newest product is the Sally Hansen extra strength blade-free hair remover kit. The product features are described as:

  • No more accidental razor cuts or prickly stubble from shaving. Long lasting results guaranteed!Sally Hansen
  • Hands free application. Just spray on and wipe away
  • Blade-free razor effortlessly removes hair. Exclusive design follows your contours for easy, complete hair removal
  • Drip free formula for body, legs, arms & more
  • Natural botanicals help relax and soften hair at the root for easy, complete removal

The spray on hair remover has orchid and marine extracts. These extracts are know to moisturize and soften your skin.
This product has been salon and dermatologist tested.

Sally Hansen also has a large selection of hair removal lotions and creams specifically for your face and body parts.
2) waxes and gels for hair removal

Sally Hansen hair removal gelSally Hansen No Heat Hair Remover Kit features an a natural gel wax that doesn’t drip or leave a large mess. It’s ready to use and easy to apply, no heating required. Get rid of unwanted hair in seconds. Plus when your done, just wash away excess wax with water! Best of all, your hair removal smoothness lasts up to 8 beautiful weeks.

Sally Hansen has microwavable wax kits for your eyebrow, lips and face. Be sure to visit to find a product right for you and your body hair removal needs.