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Veet Hair Removal System

Veet hair removalThe newest hair removal cream and wax product to hit the market is Veet. Veet product line include creams, lotions, mousses and waxes.

For creams, lotions and mousses, the Veet says their product results last up to twice as long as a razor shave. Results are smoother, eaiser and longer-lasting. The instuctions seems simple – just apply and rinse. Your hair will quickly and painlessly dissolve plus your skin will be moisturized. You’ll be left with gorgeous skin with long-lasting smoothness and no nicks or ugly razor stubbles.

Veet creams, lotions and mousses work so well because instead of cutting hair, like with a razor, they gently dissolve the proteins that make up hair, leaving behind a smooth rounded edge. So all you feel is being smoother for longer.
For Veet waxes your results should last up to 4 weeks, since waxing removes hair from the root. Veet waxing leaves your skin with a silky smooth feel and when your ahir grows back, it’ll be sparser and softer. The Veet website has a great section for wax virgins. It covers the first time wax user questions and myths.

Veet hair removal systemVeet’s most popular product is it’s 3 minute Hair Removal gel cream, it prepares the hair in only 3 minutes for effective hair removal with the Rasers Blabes tool. The bladeless tool’s soft flexible head follows the curves of your body. The tool has been specially designed without a blade, and now has an added strip with aloe. Razor blades are out. Available in three sexy scents: Aloe Vera, Floral Sensation, and Fresh Sensation.