Depilatories Effective In Hair Removal?

Are Depilatories Effective As A Hair Remover?

hair removalPerhaps the easiest means of managing hair contouring and removal is the use of some type of depilatory. Essentially, a depilatory is any substance of process that addresses the removal of hair from the surface of the skin. There are several common depilatory options that can be effectively used by both men and women.

The single most common depilatory method is shaving. Both men and women have used this simple grooming process for years. For men, shaving is often a daily task that is utilized to remove facial hair that has grown overnight. Women have tended to use shaving as a process to remove unwanted hair from the legs and arms. Over the years, the use of shaving has tended to be used on other parts of the body as well, depending on the personal preferences of the individual. While there are electric shavers created for both genders, most people simply make use of a moisturizing medium such as a lotion or cream, and apply a hand razor to remove unwanted hair. For men, there is also a shaving powder that is similar to talcum powder. Shaving powder can often be used when shaving cream proves to not provide an adequate amount of protection to the skin.

Bikini waxHowever, other forms of depilatory products have gained in popularity over the last couple of decades. Over the counter chemical depilatory compounds can be evenly applied to the skin, allowed to set for a few moments, and then be removed. Chemical compounds in the depilatory cream help to break down the protein chains in the hair follicle, allowing the hair to soften and be easily swept away when the compound is removed. The use of cream or liquid based depilatories is a great alternative to shaving, in that there is much less incidence of irritation to the skin.

For most people, the use of depilatory products is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair from just about any section of the skin. While using a razor may be irritating to some individuals, the use of modern creams is often an excellent solution. For temporary removal of unwanted hair, and as a means of sculpting the body hair on particular areas of the body, depilation is an effective and simple solution.

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