Hair Removal Techniques

Examples of Popular Hair Removal Techniques

Hair RemoverAs part of the grooming process, many people choose to engage in hair removal in order to achieve a particular look. There is actually a wide range of techniques that can be employed in the art of hair removal. Here are a few examples.

Essentially, there are two general categories in hair removal techniques. Depilation has to do with the removal of hair from the skin surface. Among depilation techniques, shaving is easily the most common method for both men and women. Generally, shaving will involve some form of razor and a medium, such as shaving cream or foam to help moisturize the skin and minimize the irritation that is common to the shaving process. However, there is a growing market for different types of depilatories that are composed of various chemical blends. Considered by many to be easier on the skin than shaving, there are even some herbal blends of depilatories that are said to contain elements that are good for the skin. Essentially, a depilatory cream or lotion is spread on the surface of the skin and allowed to stand for a few moments. The cream can then be removed with an instrument that is similar to a razor, but without the sharp edge. In some cases, the cream can be removed with a soft cloth. The depilatory cream softens and gently removes the hair, making it easy to clear off hair on the legs, arms, chest, face, and any other area desired.

swimsuit waxingThe second method of hair removal, commonly referred to as epilation, has to do with removing the hair follicle above and below the skin level. In times past, this process involved some methods that carried a certain amount of pain. These methods usually involved plucking individual hairs with tweezers, applying a coat of warm wax that would then be ripped from the skin, taking both surface hair and roots. Sugaring also involved removing hair follicles from a larger expanse of skin. In more recent times, electrolysis is used frequently. Much less painful than waxing, plucking, and sugaring, the use of electric current to dislodge the entire hair follicle has few side effects, and tends to be easier on the skin that simple ripping the hair away from the skin.

Once considered essential to the grooming process for women, both men and women employ hair removal techniques these days. Men often make use of hair removal methods to sculpt and shape facial hair, remove unwanted back hair, sculpt chest hair. Both genders employ hair removal as a means of contouring body hair in intimate areas that are attractive to their partners. While some methods of hair removal require the administration of a professional, other types of hair removal can be successfully utilized in the privacy of the home.

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