Nair Products Continue To Dominate the Hair Removal Market

nair hair removerMany people remember Nair commercials from the early 1970’s with a lot of affection. With dancing and singing that declared Nair to be the best product to use when wearing the short shorts of the day, millions of women used Nair to ensure smooth bikini lines and smooth and silky legs that looked great with the hot pants of the day.

However, the allure of Nair has not faded with the changes in fashion. While the advertising profile for Nair may not be as spectacular as it once was, the fact of the matter is that Nair products are considered to be among the best hair removal solutions on the market today. As the popularity of depilatories has replaced the use of shaving for many women, Nair has remained in the forefront, with products that are easy to use, available at reasonable prices, and often contained elements that are intended to help promote healthy skin.Nair

Many of the Nair lotions and creams that are available today are formulated for quick application, and require only a short amount of time to do the job. The contents of the gels and lotions contain components that help to quickly dissolve the hair, usually within three to five minutes. The range of products also contains elements that are meant to act as a skin exfoliates as well, providing nutrients to the skin that help it to appear more supple and young. The product also helps to remove dead skin cells along with the unwanted hair, which allows the fresh and healthy skin underneath to breathe, free of oily deposits and other elements that can clog skin pores. As a general rule, Nair products for women can be used as often as once a week with no ill effects.

Nair has also launched a line of hair removal products that are formulated especially for men. As with the products for women, the Nair for Men line has a range of depilatories that are right for different parts of the body. There are products that are just right for tough facial hair, as well as products that work well for back or chest hair. For men who choose to shave their heads, there are Nair products that will help keep the scalp healthy while also dealing with a look of shadow from one week to the next.  Creating a range of products especially for men has helped to ensure that Nair will be around for many years to come.

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