Natural Depilatories

Are There Any Natural Homeopathic Depilatory Types?

depilatoryIn a world where more people are looking for herbal and nature based products to deal with many different daily tasks, there is some interest in the use of natural or homeopathic compounds as depilatory methods and products. Fortunately, there are a few different types of these natural options when it comes to hair removal. Here are a few examples.

Perhaps the most common of the natural depilatory products is shaving creams and lotions that are created with natural elements, such as aloe. These are often available in natural food markets, herb shops, and health food stores. For persons who prefer to use shaving as the hair removal method of choice, these types of products have the advantage of containing no harsh chemicals, and often include elements that are refreshing to the skin. Many are naturally scented with mint and other herbs that leave behind a pleasant scent as well. While as a rule, the natural options tend to cost more than twice of some of the more commercial and chemically laden products available, the chance of experiencing skin irritation is usually quite low.

legsThere are some more aggressive depilatory products that are recommended by homeopathic physicians. Some of these are depilatory creams that contain a range of nutrients that are meant to promote healthy skin as well as soothe any incidence of irritation. Often, they will contain elements such as Vitamin E, aloe vera, white oak, Black Cohosh, olive oil, pine gum, and lanolin. Redmond clay, tea tree oil, and old-fashioned linseed oil are other examples of natural compounds that can be used to create homeopathic depilatory creams.

Just as with commercial depilatory products, it is always a good idea to test a natural product before beginning regular use. While the contents of the homeopathic product are all natural, that does not mean there is no chance of irritation or some sort of allergic reaction. In the event that some sort of reaction takes place, simply try another product that contains some different combinations of natural elements until you find one that does the job and does not create any type of skin issues for you.

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