Which Method of Depilatory Is Right For Me?

DepilatoriesDepending on factors such as ease of use, skin irritation, and the amount of hair to remove, different types of depilatory methods may be more appropriate. Here are some suggestions of which methods will help you achieve the desired result.

For simple hair removal that involves completely clearing of a section of the skin, many men and women rely on the simple depilatory approach known as shaving. Accomplished with a simple razor and some sort of moisturizing medium, shaving is often part of the daily grooming routine for men, with facial hair that grew in overnight removed from the face as part of the morning preparations for the day. Women tend to use shaving as a means of removing unwanted hair from the legs and arms. For both men and women, shaving often occurs after a tub bath or shower, when the hair follicles are thought to be a little softer and thus easier to sever with the use of the razor and the shaving cream or lotion.

Depilatory creamWhile shaving works very well for many people of both genders, there is some element of risk to damage to the surface of the skin. It is possible to accidentally cut the skin while shaving, which may be somewhat distressing. However, the real problem lies more with skin irritation. The composition of the skin may be such that moving a sharp object over the surface causes irritation that results in a rash or red spots that are considered to be unsightly. Fortunately, there are other depilatory options that make it unnecessary for an individual to endure irritated skin if shaving proves to be a painful process.

Depilatory creams can be applied to the skin as a means of softening the hair follicles until they break off at the surface of the skin. Spreading the cream in an even coat and leaving it on the skin will allow the compound to soak into the hair follicle and break down the protein content. The cream and the unwanted hair can simply be wiped off with a soft damp cloth.

There are different compounds for depilatory creams. Some are based on synthetic medications while others creams are created using herbal agents. For people who have a difficult time with shaving, depilatory creams are often a much more attractive option. Even if irritation does occur, it may be much less than shaving. Also, trying different types of depilatory creams will often make it possible to find a product that causes no irritation at all.

Of course, the type of hair removal that is desired will come into play when it comes to deciding on a depilatory method. Total hair removal from an area can be managed with depilatory creams. However, if there is a desire to shape or contour the range of body hair in some manner, using trimming scissors or a razor will make it much easier to control the mount of hair removal that is employed.

Sally Hansen Hair Removal System

Sally Hansen products can be found at any drug store as well as big box retailers. The Sally Hansen line of hair removing products include two types:

1) lotion and creams for hair removal

One of Sally Hansen’s newest product is the Sally Hansen extra strength blade-free hair remover kit. The product features are described as:

  • No more accidental razor cuts or prickly stubble from shaving. Long lasting results guaranteed!Sally Hansen
  • Hands free application. Just spray on and wipe away
  • Blade-free razor effortlessly removes hair. Exclusive design follows your contours for easy, complete hair removal
  • Drip free formula for body, legs, arms & more
  • Natural botanicals help relax and soften hair at the root for easy, complete removal

The spray on hair remover has orchid and marine extracts. These extracts are know to moisturize and soften your skin.
This product has been salon and dermatologist tested.

Sally Hansen also has a large selection of hair removal lotions and creams specifically for your face and body parts.
2) waxes and gels for hair removal

Sally Hansen hair removal gelSally Hansen No Heat Hair Remover Kit features an a natural gel wax that doesn’t drip or leave a large mess. It’s ready to use and easy to apply, no heating required. Get rid of unwanted hair in seconds. Plus when your done, just wash away excess wax with water! Best of all, your hair removal smoothness lasts up to 8 beautiful weeks.

Sally Hansen has microwavable wax kits for your eyebrow, lips and face. Be sure to visit SallyHansen.com to find a product right for you and your body hair removal needs.

Veet Hair Removal System

Veet hair removalThe newest hair removal cream and wax product to hit the market is Veet. Veet product line include creams, lotions, mousses and waxes.

For creams, lotions and mousses, the Veet says their product results last up to twice as long as a razor shave. Results are smoother, eaiser and longer-lasting. The instuctions seems simple – just apply and rinse. Your hair will quickly and painlessly dissolve plus your skin will be moisturized. You’ll be left with gorgeous skin with long-lasting smoothness and no nicks or ugly razor stubbles.

Veet creams, lotions and mousses work so well because instead of cutting hair, like with a razor, they gently dissolve the proteins that make up hair, leaving behind a smooth rounded edge. So all you feel is being smoother for longer.
For Veet waxes your results should last up to 4 weeks, since waxing removes hair from the root. Veet waxing leaves your skin with a silky smooth feel and when your ahir grows back, it’ll be sparser and softer. The Veet website has a great section for wax virgins. It covers the first time wax user questions and myths.

Veet hair removal systemVeet’s most popular product is it’s 3 minute Hair Removal gel cream, it prepares the hair in only 3 minutes for effective hair removal with the Rasers Blabes tool. The bladeless tool’s soft flexible head follows the curves of your body. The tool has been specially designed without a blade, and now has an added strip with aloe. Razor blades are out. Available in three sexy scents: Aloe Vera, Floral Sensation, and Fresh Sensation.

Nair Hair Remover

Should I buy a Nair hair removal product?

Nair Hair RemoverFor removing unwanted hair, Nair has the product that is just right for you and your body. Nair prodcuts for hair removal include: legs, bikini area, face, and your underarm.

Nair product line includes: Lotions, bladeless, roll on wax, roll on lotion, face wax strips, bocy wax strips, bleach, mousse, microwave wax, bikini cream, glide on bikini cream, face cream, and upper lip cream.

Just remember that your skin may become irritated if you leave on Nair cream or gel past the recommended time. Use the appropiate Nair product on the area for which the Nair product is designed for.

Nair product reviews and links:
Here is an excellent article written on Nair, “Nair Hair Remover, Does This Product Really Work?” The article covers a description of the Nair hair remover, it’s product claims and how to use Nair. The rest of the article is about the users experience, which seems very positive. Read the whole article here.

Nair Hair RemovalOn the flipside, Oasis Magazine has a article about “Nair: Hair removal cream from HELL.” The user in this case had an allergic reaction to the Nair cream applied to her face. Click here for the article. The lesson here is to try the cream on a small spot first to see if your allergic reaction or chemical burn to your skin. Your skin might be to sensitive for the Nair product or you might not be using the right Nair product with the correct body part.

Depilatories at DrugStore.com

Depilatories DrugStore.comOnline drug store, DrugStore.com has a large selection of Depilatories. Wether you’re looking for a cream or gel, drugstore.com has it. Prices range from $4.79 – $9.99.