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Parissa Facial Wax StripsOne thing that is often forgotten when hair removal products are made is that every women is not the same. They do not all have unwanted hair in the same places and the hair that needs to be removed is not always the same. Deepening on many different factors a womanís unwanted hair can be of different textures, thicknesses and colors. A woman whose has light fine hair does not need the same treatment as a women who has darker, thicker hair. Therefore, a treatment that is made for all women is not nearly as good as one that deals with specific hair type. Parissa hair removal products deal with this issue in a variety of ways and they promise not only to deal with your type of hair but to give you salon smooth skin at the same time.

If the hair you are trying to eliminate is dark or thick, it will be more difficult to removeParissa Bikini Wax. This type of hair is usually found on the bikini line or the underarms. But it can be anywhere including the face, torso, or legs. That is why Parissa has a couple of waxing products that will work to get rid of this troublesome hair. One uses aloe to help the skin while the other uses beeswax to help to make a harsher treatment eaiser on sensitive skin. This combination of beeswax and azulene was originally a European treatment.

Fine hair is treated somewhat differently. Parissa has several alternatives that can be used including wax strips for legs, face or bikini line. These waxes require no heating and are not messy because they come in strips. There are body sugar roll on products which use chamomile to help sensitive skin. As well, there are products that can be used after the hair removal process is completed. They put the moisture back into dry skin as well as work to impede hair growth. At the same time these products can give a woman relief from the discomforts that she may feel like razor burn and the bumps that sometimes appear especially around the bikini line.

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