The New Emjoi Epilator

Emjoi is the latest in epilator technology that has recently been released. This new product has more to offer to those women who like to make sure that any unwanted hair is removed. This is done with their new system which includes not only a new patented set of tweezer discs, but has them made from twenty four carat gold plating, as well as many other patented high tech features. This revolutionary idea works harder to remove the unwanted hair right down to the root. It even comes with a new idea on how to make it hurt less when getting rid of the hair. This will be appreciated by women who are tired of feeling like they must endure pain to look and feel beautiful.

The Emjoi even has a special light to make it easier to see the hair when it is being removed. Unlike shaving, which must be done every few days, this epilator keeps the skin smooth to the touch for at least six weeks. Like all hair remover systems, it can be used on a woman`s legs, underarms, or bikini line but is promoted as being tender enough to used on her face. This epilator is so good it can cut the hair as short as five millimeters. This system of hair removal is more likely to keep the hair away for longer periods than using a depilatory cream can.

This epilator is small enough to be able to be used anywhere and is great for use when traveling. It comes with a small case, a brush to keep it clean, adapter, and a massaging attachment. The Emjoi epilator can work with or without its cord and so gives the user more flexibility in both the way it is used and the location it is used. It means a woman can use it on any part of her body in any room she prefers. As long as it is charged it can be used cordless for ease of positioning. It can come with an extended warranty for those women who want to make sure they are never without this useful beauty tool.

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