Try VEET Products for Quick and Easy Hair Removal

VEET Wax stripsWith a solid reputation as providing a number of quality hair removal products that are created to address the needs of different women, VEET is considered to be one of the companies that helps to set standards for depilatory products, rather than simply living up to them. While the company tends to focus on hair removal products that are geared toward women, there are a few of the products that will also work well for men.

One of the more popular of the VEET products is the Rasera Bladeless hair removal kit. The main attraction for the product is that there is no sharp blade required to use the product. For persons who are tired of nicks and cuts sustained while shaving or who experience rashes or bumps after using a razor, the Rasera Bladeless kit may be just what the doctor ordered. The gel in the kit can be easily applied, allowed to soak into the hair follicles, and then easily removed with a plastic tool that comes as part of the kit. Best of all, the gel is formulated to more or less dissolve the individual hair follicles within three minutes. This means the gel can be applied just before or just after a shower, with no long period required to complete the hair removal process.

VEET ShaverIn general, the VEET Rasera Bladeless kit is recommended for use on the legs, underarms, and around the bikini area. For other sections of the body, VEET has other products that are formulated especially for the less coarse hair that is usually found in the facial area, and on the stomach.

There are several other creams supplies by VEET that are ideal for use on the face and forearms. The Gentle Formula products are especially good for these types of applications. While some of the VEET products are formulated to work in three minutes, some of the gentler products take a little longer, with five minutes being the usual average time to do the job. Still, the gentler creams also have the advantage of being easy to apply, even easier to remove, and the residue can be washed off with simple soap and water.

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