What Are The Different Types of Depilatory Methods?

Bikini area hair removerWhen it comes to hair removal, there are several excellent depilatory methods that can be employed. In general, a hair removing technique is considered to be a depilation method whenever it focuses on the removal of body hair from the surface of the skin. Different types of depilatory methods work best for different people. Here are a few examples of methods that are favorites with both men and women.

For both men and women, the most practiced method of depilation involves shaving. Adult males tend to shave each day, owing to the fact that hair along the jaw line, neck, and lower section of the cheeks tends to grow quickly overnight. Men may choose to make use of electric shavers, along with a specially formulated lotion that helps to soften the beard and irritate the skin less during the process. More commonly, the time-honored method of using a razor with a cream or powder is part of the daily grooming routine. The razor may be a small hand model, or an old fashioned straight razor. If shaving cream is not available, many men can make do with simple soap and water to moisten the beard and still manage to achieve a close shave.

bikini area waxWomen also employ shaving to remove unwanted hair. For females, the shaving process tends to focus on the legs, with an eye toward achieving a sleek and silky appearance that is considered to be sexy and attractive in many cultures. There are a number of shaving creams and lotions on the market that are formulated especially for the needs of women, as well as razors that are ideal for use with the type of hair that women often choose to remove from the legs.

In more recent times, the uses of depilatory creams that will remove unwanted hair without the need to shave have become extremely popular. Both men and women make use of these products. Essentially, the depilatory agent is applied in an even coat to the surface of the skin. The chemicals in the depilatory compound tend to break down the protein in the hair follicle, making it easy to simply wipe off unwanted hair with the cream. Both men and women can use depilatory creams to remove hair completely from the body, or use the products to contour the appearance of body hair.

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