What You Should Know About Nads

does nads workNads has been around since the early 1990’s and has established itself as a popular favorite in women’s hair removal across the world. Started in Australia in 1992, Nads quickly built a reputation in that country, and began to work its way into a world market. By 1998, Nads had made an impression in the marketplace in the United States, especially with consumers who wanted to get away from some of the more traditional and chemically filled hair removal solutions of the day.

Started with simple compounds that involved herbs and elements that can be found in most kitchens, Nads has remained true to its roots, offering a wide range of products that employ a number of natural elements. While the company tends to still gear its sales and marketing efforts toward women, there are a number of Nads products that could just as easily be employed by men.

One of the most popular product offerings is the Natural Hair Removal Gel. Very easy to apply, the gel has a pleasing aroma that will not clash with cologne or perfume. The gel does not have to remain in place for an extended time to work, which means it is possible to get ready for a night out on the town in a decent amount of time. The gel can easily be removed with a moist cloth or using a simple plastic spatula. A quick shower will take care of any small amount of residue on the surface of the skin.

bikini waxNads also provides alternatives to gels and creams. The Nads Facial Wand is a simple product to use, and has the advantage of being easy to focus on a particular area of the face. There are also products that are better suited for use on the legs or arms, such as the hair removal strips. The specially formulated Depileze Soothing Body Balm not only will aid in hair removal, but also help replace vital nutrients to the skin, leaving a smooth silky surface.

Nads prides itself on providing high quality products, as well as upholding the highest standard of customer care that can be found in the industry. The main web site for the company is easy to navigate, offers plenty of information on each of the products offered by Nads, and also has a question and answer section that allows first time and experiences users to ask questions about how to use each product.

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